2004 Milford Grand Prix Race Results
Rodney J. Harrington Memorial Pro Race
First: Robert Smith
Second: Joe Bodenschatz
Third: Chris Toffolo
Fourth: Rowan Pennick
Fifth: Justin Gumley

Stock Lite

First: Robert Smith
Second: Jason Trennepo
Third: David Harding
Fourth: Bruce Taylor
Fifth: Joey Mackenzie

Stock Medium

First: Robert Smith
Second: Jason Trennepo
Third: Chris Toffolo
Fourth: Kevin Dammons
Fifth:  Stephen Jorda

Stock Heavy

First: Robert Smith
Second: Joe Bodenschatz
Third: Jack Krieger
Fourth: Dana Lail
Fifth: Chris Toffolo

125 Shifter Pro

First: Sam Bacchind
Second: Sean Beziat
Third: Andy Simon Jr.
Fourth: Eric Johnson

Junior Sportsman 1

First: Zachary Taylor
Second: Zachary Deshaies
Third: Graham Eichmiller
Fourth: J.T. Knight
Fifth: Brandon Sturgis

Junior Sportsman 2

First: Cameron Collins
Second:  Steven Moore
Third: Austin Flurer
Fourth: Chase Eidle
Fifth Rodney Bambary

Restricted Junior Stock

First: Jessie Morrison

Junior Stock

First: Jessie Morrison
Second: Matt Amos
Third: Tyler Nichols
Fourth: Brooke Delss
Fifth: Peter Minnig

Stock 35 and over

First: Paul Quattro
Second:  Jack Krieger
Third: Tom Fash
Fourth: Toni Alexander
Fifth: Roger Kent

Limited Medium

First: John Davis Jr.
Second: Michael Ellerbusch
Third: Kenneth Allen
Fourth: Dale Blades
Fifth: Bobby Watkins

Briggs Animal

First: Brandon Morris

TaG (Touch and Go) Water-cooled

First: Rich D'Ameto
Second: Carlos Crespo
Third: Eric Schulwitz
Fourth: Brien Hames
Fifth: Pedro Chauce

125 International Direct Drive

First: Carlos Crespo
Second: Edward Guarenghi
Third: Francisco Leonardeli
Fourth: Milton Queiroz
Fifth: Carlos Tozzi


First: Vinnie Dinora
Second: Charles Pistorio
Third: Roman Hentarieo
Fourth: Virgil Gross
Fifth: Paul Maentopoli

Piston Port Senior

First: Harold LaVere Jr.
Second: Mike Brosman
Third: Matt Sides
Fourth: Salvatore Evola
Fifth: Mike Simon

Yamaha Junior Sportsman

First: Zacharey Wood
Second: Chase Eidle
Third: Austyn Flurer
Fourth: Stephen Morgado
Fifth: Brett Gilmore

Yamaha Senior Can

First: Chris Birch
Second: Kyle Mason
Third: Marco Oldhafer
Fourth: Ron Blades
Fifth: Leroy Legates
2004 Race Results
Some of the race results were unavailable when I
posted the results.  If you know of any of the missing
class results please click "Contact Us" and send me a
message with the information.  Thanks.
I'd also like to take a moment to say thanks from everyone to Race
Director Ron LaVere and everyone else on the committee who helped
make this race the great success it was.